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Single store: Need

  • 85% of consumers search online before making a purchase; they typically look to purchase from local stores
  • Research online – buy offline’ is new trend among customers
  • 30% of offline sales influenced by online research
  • Over 90% of the single stores segment currently is unorganized and they don’t even have web presence. Considering the buying trends of consumers, it becomes important for single store retailers to strategize better methods to integrate their brick-and-mortar retail stores with online channels.
  • Consumers increasingly rely on the commercial websites for their shopping task, they are more likely to access the in-store retailers’ web sites to get eServices for their in-store shopping.
  • Competition from organized retail is capturing their market share

Single store: Challenges

  • Store having its own internet identity
  • Web presence at sub-thousand rupee monthly subscription with our shopping cart makes it easier – has unlimited space and unlimited emails
  • Easy to use administrative panel to manage the store easily – create the web store with absolutely no technology skills and in a matter of minutes
  • Search engine optimization – search engine friendly pages, keyword rich content, meta-tags, site map pages helps search crawlers index content faster and make them appear during consumer search
  • Store location on map – interactive digital map that shows exact location of the stores with driving directions, landmarks and information about how to reach the store.
  • Capture, access and use detailed customer information including purchase history – use this towards promoting loyalty programs, new deals and offers through SMS and email.
  • Develop, market, launch and manage highly personalized and timely promotions
  • Use your web store as your advertising channel 24x7x365 with your web presence

Single store: Solution

Ebiosketch with ready to use product provides a level playing field for single store retailers to compete with bigger players by enabling their web presence with full set of features and functionality. This allows consumers to find the single stores during their online research.

  • Most of the single store retailers do not have web presence
  • Web presence that are available today are more like yellow page listing and not much else
  • Single stores do not have the technology know-how or resources to build and manage their web presence
  • Single store retailers rely more on walk-in customers
  • Advertising is restricted to print advertising and newspaper inserts.