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Email Marketing

Ebiosketch is the leading bulk email service providers based in India, with years of experience in email marketing and dedicated server management for bulk emailing. Our experience and technical knowledge is our strength; we developed our own methods and practices for bulk emailing and deliverability with years experience and experiments

We provide end to end solution in email marketing.


Regular email contact can help your business connect with your clients and keep your business top of mind.

At Ebiosketch, we can help you develop an e-Newsletter that is:

  • Client-targeted and personal.
  • Able to provide measured results through reporting and tracking.
  • Managed from start to finish
  • Cost-effective and affordable.

An e-Newsletter can enhance your company’s reputation and increase lead generation, creating cost-effective sales opportunities:

  • Delivers high ROI.
  • Builds relationships and provides value.
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Optimises campaigns quickly and easily.

An e-Newsletter perfectly complements a traditional direct mail campaign. Talk to Ebiosketch today about how we can implement both for you.