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Document Management System

Document Management System

Ebiosketch Document Management System (DMS) is bringing intelligence and automation to the creation, capture, management and distribution of information. Our Solution makes it possible for small, medium and large businesses to share content across all internal and external systems, applications and departments while maintaining central control and management.

Capabilities of Ebiosketch Document Management System

  • FIND: Find documents and files in seconds rather than hours.
  • SHARE: Allow more than one worker access to the same document at the same time.
  • VERSION CONTROL: Version control gives you the ability to manage document changes and revisions--including going back to a previous version of a document.
  • CENTRALIZATION: Store department or workgroup documents in a central storage area.
  • SECURITY: Set document security for who can view and update files.
  • AUDIT: Verify who viewed and made updates to documents.
  • ARCHIVING: Set retention periods for documents, and schedule archival or removal processes.

Benefits of Ebiosketch Document Management System

  • Improve staff productivity
  • Reduce costs associated with manual document maintenance
  • Reduce costs associated with man power for manual document searching
  • Promote sharing of knowledge and information
  • Enhance corporate transparency and governance
  • E-mail and fax files instantly
  • Access documents while traveling means anytime, anywhere
  • Publish documents to CD, DVD or the web, as appropriate