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Banner Ads

A web banner or banner ad is a form of online advertising that entails embedding an advertisement on a web page. A banner ad is intended to attract traffic to a website of landing page that is linked to the website of the advertiser. A web banner ad is displayed when a web page that refers the banner is loaded on a web browser. Known as an ‘impression’ when the viewer clicks on the banner he is directed to the webpage or landing page advertised in the banner. This event is known as a ‘click through’. Most of the banners are delivered by a central ad server.

Banner Advertising is the most common form of promoting a brand through online media. In fact some advertisers consider banner advertising synonymous to online advertising. One of the rising marketing fads, online advertising experts opine that banner ads if properly implemented can effectively position a brand through online media.

Inexpensive means of online advertising

Banner Advertising is considered an inexpensive means of promoting a brand or business through online media. Whether the advertiser selects pay per click or flat rate payment, he doesn’t spend much on the promotion campaign by advertising through banner displays. At a very nominal price, one can run a banner ad campaign on his product on hundreds of sites and only pay a few pennies for visitors that click on the banner ad.

Possibility of targeting specific customers

One of the major benefits of banner advertising is its targeted audiences for the various banner ad displays. Reaching out to more potential customers, attracting new customers and spreading awareness about the brand among a wider target group are possible through banner advertising campaigns. Another advantage of banner advertising is that one can also choose the types of sites on which the banner ads will appear.

Your brand will benefit a lot from banner advertising provided you know the right tricks and tactics of promoting it on online media. Internet Advertising is growing at a fast pace. Reaching out to innumerable target customers through a single advertising campaign, an online ad display assures effective reach and branding of your product among target groups.

As a banner advertising expert we can provide you valuable ideas or inputs and do this type of internet advertising for you.